How to use Dimlits

Simple Instructions

If you aren’t fussy about how things look, using Dimlits couldn't be simpler:

Step 1: Measure the amount of Dimlit you need to cover your LED light.

Step 2: Cut the amount of Dimlit you need.

Step 3: Remove the clear protective liner and stick the Dimlit to your device.

That’s it!


Advanced Instructions

We know some people really like to have things 'just so' – nice rounded corners, straight lines and most importantly just the right amount of dimness.

That’s why in each package of Dimlits we've included tools to help you in your quest for perfection.

We've also created instructions below to show you how you can customize your Dimlits to get that perfect look. 


Step 1

Dimlit instructions, Step #1

Using the ruler (provided), measure the amount of Dimlit you need to cover the LED light. Count out that amount onto your Cutting Guide.

Step 2

Dimlit instructions, Step #2

Cut the Cutting Guide and remove the yellow liner from the back. 

Step 3

Dimlits instructions, Step #3

Stick the Cutting Guide onto the back of the Dimlit sheet (the side with the sticker). Cut the sheet of Dimlit using the Cutting Guide as your guide.

Step 4

Dimlits instructions, Step #4

Remove the clear protective liner (and Cutting Guide) from your Dimlit. Stick the Dimlit onto your electronic device. Congratulations! You're done. 


How to Make your Dimlits even dimmer

What sets Dimlits apart is the ability to customize the amount of dimming you want via layering. When layering Dimlits, the more you angle your Dimlit to 45 degrees, the dimmer it becomes.

Step 1

Dimlits instructions, Step #1: Making Dimlits dimmer

Cut an identical piece of Cutting Guide to the one you cut previously. Turn it clockwise by a few degrees from your original cut and stick it to the protective liner on the remaining sheet of Dimlit. Use this Cutting Guide to cut a new layer of Dimlit.

Step 2

Dimlits instructions, Step #2: Making your Dimlits dimmer

Remove the Cutting Guide and protective lining. Stick the second layer of Dimlit over the first. 

Congratulations! You're done.