Jason Robinson (designer) standing behind Ola portable light options.

- Where art meets design: Handmade designs with a touch of the unexpected -

Carousel (Light & Shadow no.1)

Inspired by the sculptural works of Isamu Noguchi and Erwin Hauer, Carousel (Light and Shadow no.1) adds to these traditions with elements of movement, interactivity, technology and expressivity.  Rotating the inner shade, subtly changes the pattern of the light, giving it a new character - much like dappled light sparkling through the leaves of a tree. 


In designing Ola, I wanted a light that was both high tech and handmade. The design process is a blend of digital manufacturing (3d printing), as well as more traditional techniques such as resin casting and hand lamination. Ola is cordless and can be charged via a wireless charger.  The dimming feature for Ola is more analog in nature - simply rotate the shade to your desired effect. The base of Ola is offered in a variety of handmade designs making Ola truly a light as unique as the moments in your life.

Unique Dimming: Ola uses a unique analog approach to dimming; simply rotate the shade to control your desired level of dimming.

Cordless: Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, take Ola wherever your moments take you.